Warming up a home with a fireplace can be a great way to make it a more pleasant place to live and relax. When it comes to Fireplace Installation in Salt Lake City UT, some decisions must normally be made along the way, some more important than others.

While many of the related choices will be of mostly functional significance, there are also details that will influence the cosmetic character of the finished product. Mantels produced by companies like Stone Mountain Castings & Design, for example, finish up residential fireplaces in ways that can achieve almost any desired effect.

A Frame for a Fireplace That Includes Important Functional Features, Too

Almost every Fireplace Installation in Salt Lake City UT will include the selection and addition of a mantel. Generally speaking, a mantel serves to surround all but the lower edge of a fireplace and to protect the surrounding wall from heat, sparks, and open flame. At the same time, the way that a mantel protrudes into the room itself helps keep smoke moving up a home’s chimney, instead of spreading out within.

To achieve these goals, most mantels are fairly substantial, as too little in the way of material would not enable the level of separation needed. That alone means that most mantels will have a substantial presence, with many being voluminous enough to stand out even in the most busily decorated rooms.

As a result, it will always pay to recognize and account for the twofold nature of any mantel’s character, with both its functional and visual features deserving plenty of attention. Fortunately, most homeowners will find it easy enough to select a fireplace mantel that will suit just about any house very well.

Material Choice Makes a Difference

One of the most important issues to consider when choosing a mantle will be the material used to construct it. In the past, wooden mantels were by far the most common, but this no longer the case at all.

Buyers today are at least as likely to choice mantels made from natural stone or cast, finished concrete instead. The latter material, in particular, can provide many benefits while remaining affordable and attractive. Follow us on Twitter.