Very often, basements leak. No basement is completely immune to the damages of water. Whether its a home, business, or industry, a below ground basement is prone to leaking. There are options to correct the leaking. These options are as varied as the types of leaks. Depending on the reason for the leak, there is a means to a Waterproof Basement Cambridge MA.

Cracks cause water to seep into basements. Cracks in walls and flooring of the basement can allow ground and rain water to come through. Sometimes the cracks are tiny. Sometimes they are very large. There are fixes for this. One option is a concrete sealer. This can help seal up small cracks and seepage through concrete. This can be a solution for small water leakage. Very often, the cracks are large and letting in a lot of moisture. These cracks should be repaired. A licensed contractor can easily fix cracks in the walls or floors of your basement.

Another option, to help get a Waterproof Basement Cambridge MA, is exterior waterproofing membranes. These are forms of either a wrap or rubber coating that can be used to seal the outside of the basement. This prevents the water from getting to the walls. This lessens the damage to the walls, helping to prevent future leaks.

Water can also come into the basement by poor drainage or faulty sump pumps. These can easily be replaced with a more efficient system. This can improve the drainage from your house and keep your basement dryer. High water alarms are also available for installation to notify you of a possible issue.

Underground gutter systems can help keep a Waterproof Basement Cambridge MA. They can reroute rain and ground water before it reaches your walls. This also prevents damage to the walls caused by the water eroding them.

A sub-floor system can be beneficial in a basement, as well. This can lift your floor up to prevent any water leakage from damaging flooring. The sub-floor creates a water vapor proof seal between the basement floor and the floor finish.

These and many other options are available for ensuring a Waterproof Basement Cambridge MA. A call to a local contractor can get you started. They can set up an appointment for you to go over your options.