It is essential the foundation of a home remains sound so the home does not begin to suffer from damage. As the ground under the foundation begins to shift, cracks and other types of damage can occur. Although these might seem like purely cosmetic issues, they can actually make the foundation much weaker and could lead to more catastrophic damages. It is imperative homeowners are aware of what they can expect from foundation crack repair in Westford MA. Knowing what to expect will help homeowners to be properly prepared for these services.

Signs of Foundation Issues

When homeowners carefully inspect their foundation, they may begin to notice signs there are problems. When problems arise, it is imperative homeowners seek immediate foundation crack repair in Westford MA. Waiting too long will only lead to further problems which could become expensive to repair. The following are some of the signs homeowners should look for so they will know when to seek the professionals.

  • Stairstep cracks along the mortar joints
  • Bricks falling out in the foundation
  • Bulges in the foundation
  • Pressure cracks inside the home

If any of these issues are noticed by a homeowner, prompt repairs need to be carried out right away. When a foundation is properly repaired, it will be much stronger and less likely to become further damaged.

How Is the Damage Repaired?

To repair the damage, the foundation will need to be carefully coated with a flexible resin. This coating provides a seal of protection over the cracks and other types of damage so water does not infiltrate the home.

The resin must be flexible because temperature changes cause swelling to occur in the foundation. With a flexible material, damage will not occur to the seal when fluctuations in temperature begin to occur.

Homeowners who have noticed any changes to their foundation need to consider having it coated with a special seal of protection. Contact us right away so you can learn more about the available options. With this treatment, a foundation can be made more solid and protective so major damages do not begin to occur later. Call today to schedule an appointment.