Adding a cover to your existing patio is a reasonably low-cost approach to reclaiming lost outdoor space. A patio cover allows the entire family to enjoy the outdoors regardless of whether it is blazing hot or pouring rain. Also, a patio cover in Austin increases the curb appeal of your home and adds value.

Perhaps the biggest reward associated with the installation of a patio cover is mitigating solar heat gain. A well-designed and constructed patio cover acts as the first line of defense against the heat of the sun as well as the harmful ultra-violet rays. During the heat of summer, a patio cover can lower the temperature on the patio by as much as 10 degrees F. To reduce the temperature more and increase the comfort, an overhead fan providing top-down air circulation can easily be installed. Aesthetics are important to any home. This is very important should you sell the house in the future. Nothing adds elegance to the outside space better than a patio cover designed and constructed by AHS Construction.

There is little doubt that outdoor living suits most people. Homeowners in the Austin area are expanding their available outdoor living space using patio covers and functional areas featuring everything from a quiet nook to a complete outdoor entertaining space. Along with adding a patio cover, a deck also expands living space. Deck construction not only gives you more space, but a well-constructed deck also adds value to your home. There are many materials available. It becomes easy for you to express your ideas using natural materials such as hardwoods or the more traditional pine. If you like the idea of expanding your life to include the outdoors, adding a deck and patio cover are both great ideas. Make your outside space as beautiful as the inside of your home.