Personalized name pens are a must have for tradeshows, people expect them. It may seem like a crazy thing to make sure that you have on your list but you have to have pens at tradeshows and exhibitions.  Tradeshows are an interesting combination of business to business transactions and public attendance. They are a great way to network and get your business name spread around a bit but you have to go prepared.

The Public

If you are attending a tradeshow that is open to the public all you have to do is look for the booth with the most people standing around to know who is giving out the best promotional items. In most cases the public (if invited) pays some sort of fee to walk around the center and they want to feel like they were getting something for the fee. Oddly enough a lot of people show up just for the promotional items. Pens are a big hit at these types of shows.

Other Vendors

Business cards are nice but they are easy to lose. Business cards can get bent up and tossed by accident but a pen, no one throws out a pen. You will meet plenty of vendors that you may want to connect with after the show, handing them a pen ensures that they will have your information.

Super Simple

One of the things that make taking pens that have been personalized with you to a tradeshow is that you can carry a lot in your luggage without taking up additional weight. They are:

  *  Easy to transport
  *  Easy to store
  *  Easy to hand out
  *  Don’t require any special casing
  *  Easy for people to tuck in their pockets

Pens are just super simple. You do not have to lug heavy items to make a heavy impression. Pens are easy for people to carry as well. Have you ever gone to a tradeshow and taken a look around the trash bins? All of those folders with hand outs and bulky information wind up in the bin right on the way out the door but you never see pens flung in the trash. People do not want to have to carry all that extra useless paper weight home with them. They like cups, pens and other useful items that are easy to carry around.  Don’t let your stuff end up in the trash, make sure you take the pens with you!

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