Platelet replacement therapy is an invasive, but quick, procedure to help alleviate your pain and encourage new skin growth. It is a relatively new treatment in the medical field, but scientists and physicians have studied the process in depth for many years. They have been able to perfect the treatment to help patients all over the United States.

What Is Platelet Replacement Therapy?

Platelets are a type of white blood cell that allows your body to clot. When you get a cut, bruise, or bump, platelets gather at the site to stop the bleeding. Physicians providing platelet replacement therapy in Brandon, Florida will extract your blood and put it through a centrifuging process to isolate your platelets. They will then inject the platelets into the site of pain or irritation, such as in your joints or damaged ligaments.

Where Is Platelet Replacement Therapy?

Platelet replacement therapy is offered at a wide range of medical offices across the United States. Medical offices such as Orthobiologics Associates offer platelet replacement therapy in Brandon, Florida. You will meet with the physician, discuss your symptoms, pain levels, and previous treatments.

Based on their experience and your presenting symptoms, the physician will work to develop an individualized treatment plan. If you do not know where your local platelet replacement therapy office is, you can ask your primary care physician for a referral.

How Does Platelet Replacement Therapy Work?

Platelet replacement therapy works by injecting the platelets into the site of your condition, injury, or osteoarthritis. The platelets are rich and specialized in protein cells. Protein cells aid healing and stimulate new cell tissue.