If you think that teaching the performing arts in school is not important and that children should be learning other things, then you better read on for some of the top reasons why children actually thrive from learning and practicing these arts while attending a Temecula nonprofit program.


Having confidence in oneself is crucial during the years of childhood. For many kids, the performing arts offer a way for them to show off their natural talents which, in turn, builds their confidence in previously untold ways. The performing arts have become renowned for allowing shy students to truly blossom into their full potential.

Life Skills

Believe it or not, the performing arts can teach children many of life’s valuable skills. Whether they are listening skills, learning how to work with others, and even how to handle constructive criticism. All of these are things that will bode them well in the future.

Encourages Creativity

While there is nothing wrong with traditional subjects in school, not many of them allow a child to be creative and they need to be able to express their creativity at the same that they are learning more rigid subjects. By enrolling in a performing arts course offered by a Temecula nonprofit, you are allowing your child to express themselves and be the best that they can be.

Stay Active

Since many of the performing arts involve physical activity, it is a great way for young ones to stay fit and healthy. Kids are getting their exercise in without even realizing it.