Toilet problems are one of the most inconvenient plumbing issues for a homeowner. There can be constant clogs and handles that must be jiggled. When the time comes to decide if the toilet needs to be repaired or replaced, it can be tricky. The experts at A & L Plumbing, Plumbers in Troy OH suggest taking a few factors into consideration. They say there are a few things to consider when deciding how to deal with a faulty toilet.

Frequency of Repairs

If the homeowner has to call for frequent repairs to the same toilet for leaks or flushing issues, it’s time to consider an upgrade. When residents continue to use a toilet that is malfunctioning, they can end up causing more damage with leaks. Also, the waste of water can lead to an increase in utility costs.

Extent of Damage

Sometimes, a toilet needs a simple fix, like a new flush valve or gasket, to function properly. Then, in some cases, a seal simply needs to be caulked. An experienced plumber can quickly remedy these situations and offer maintenance tips to prevent problems in the future.

Visible Cracks

Toilets are made of porcelain. Due to this, hairline cracks in the material caused by moisture and water pressure can become wider over time. When a homeowner notices these splits, it is time to replace the bathroom fixture.

Weigh the Cost

Get an estimate for the costs of a plumbing repair, including labor and parts. If the total price is less than what one would pay for a new toilet and the installation, then a repair is a more cost-effective option.

Overall Appearance

Over time, a toilet will show signs of wear. It is common for chemical deposits and dirt buildup to occur. These types of things will make the toilet appear dingy even if it has been cleaned. This will start to make the entire bathroom look tired and worn. If the toilet is showing signs of age, think about replacing it.

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