In Louisiana, drunk drivers are penalized according to their blood-alcohol content reading and any additional events linked to the charge. For instance, if a drunk driver caused an accident, the defendant could face manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges, too. A Driving While Impaired Attorney helps the defendant build a defense.

The First Conviction

The first conviction for a DWI or DUI starts with a fine ranging between $300 and $1,000. If the blood-alcohol content reading is over 0.20 percent additional fines apply to the charge. The jail sentence is between ten days and six months. The driver’s license suspension lasts for at least one year. If the blood-alcohol content reading exceeds 0.20 percent the suspension period is two years. An ignition interlocking device is required for all convicted drivers.

The Second Conviction

The second conviction leads to fines ranging between $750 and $1,000. The jail sentence is thirty days to six months. The driver’s license suspension is two years unless the blood-alcohol content reading exceeds 0.20 percent. If it does, the suspension period is four years. Ignition interlocking devices are required. The defendant completes 240 hours of community service, substance abuse programs, and must complete a driver improvement program.

The Third or Any Additional Charges

The fine for the charge is $2,000. The individual serves one to five years in jail. The driver’s license period is no less than three years. The court can seize the individual’s vehicle and suspend their registration. They could also sell the defendant’s vehicle. All drivers are required to purchase SR-22 certificates.

Understanding a Refusal to Submit

Under state laws, the implied consent ruling indicates that all drivers who choose to drive under the influence provide legal consent to alcohol testing. However, the defendant has the legal right to request legal counsel before submitting.

In Louisiana, the penalties that apply to drunk driving charges are based on the total number of convictions on the defendant’s record, their current blood-alcohol content reading and any additional charges applied. The court can apply additional penalties if an accident with injuries or a fatality occurs. Defendants who need assistance from a Driving While Impaired Attorney can visit for more information now. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.