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by | Mar 22, 2013 | Plumbing

Every homeowner owes it to himself to be very intimate with the inner workings of his house. You do not have to be a plumber in Long Beach or an electrician or any specific tradesman, but you should know a few basics. Knowing the basics will save you money as you will be able to do routine maintenance and it will help you when you need to contact a professional when the task is beyond you.

A few things you should know and do:

Locate and test all the valves: Every fixed fixture in the house will have a valve; this will include the sinks, the lavatory, ice-maker, washing machine, etc. Locate every valve and once a year, close them and reopen them a few times. This will keep the valve mechanism from freezing up or seizing. This will also give you an opportunity to become familiar with all the valve locations in the event of a problem with the fixture, otherwise the main valve would have to be closed.
Know the main valve location: You need to know exactly where the main valve is located and it should be kept accessible at all times. If the valve is outside, it will be near the meter. Keep ay plants away from the valve so you can get at it quickly if need be.

Extended absence: When you leave for vacation or for any length of time, it is recommended that the water be shut off at the main valve and the power supply to the hot water heater be turned off, thus saving on a needless use of electricity. This will also eliminate the potential of a burst hot water pipe.

The garbage disposal: When you are grinding kitchen waste, keep the cold water running during the process and for a few minutes after the waste have gone. This will ensure that all the waste has moved completely to the sewer or septic system. When grease or fat is hit with cold water it will harden, making it easier to move. If you smell a foul odor coming from the garbage disposal, it will be from rotting waste, grind up a few ice-cubes and lemon peels and in 30 seconds, the odor will be eliminated.

Leaking faucets: You may have to call a plumbers in in Long Beach, but, do not let leaking facets stay that way for long. The amount of water that is wasted is quite significant; furthermore, the faucet may need replacing rather than repairing.

Strainers: Fit all the bath tubs, sinks and showers with screens which will stop hair and soap scum from entering the drain. It is the accumulation of this material that leads to clogged drains.

With a little thought and vigilance you will save yourself time and money. If there is a major problem of course, you will have to call a plumber in Long Beach.

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