What Is Laparoscopic Surgery and Why Is It Used?

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Health

Laparoscopy surgery in Reading, PA is a relatively new and state of the art procedure that uses a surgical instrument called a laparoscope. The laparoscope has a tiny camera attached to the end of and when inserted into the body, it is transmitted onto a television screen above or near the operating table. This allows surgeons to get an up close look at the patient’s organs and tissue without having to make a large incision and open the patient up entirely. Only a small incision is needed to fit the laparoscopy inside the patient. In order to give the surgeon the proper working and viewing space, the abdomen of the patient is inflated with carbon dioxide.

During the surgery, the doctor can watch detailed images of the abdomen on the screen so he can perform the surgery accurately. This type of surgery allows for smaller incisions than traditional surgery so patients are not left with big scars. This also greatly reduces the amount of recovery time.

In some cases, surgeons performing laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA will use the assistance of a robotic system. This allows the surgeon to sit at a computer and control the robotic system remotely. Surgeons can get high resolution pictures on their computer screen which allow them to control the robotic system making precise movements during the surgery.

This type of surgery is becoming more and more advanced every day. Doctors are finding ways to use laparoscopic surgery for all kinds of conditions and diseases. It was only a few years ago that surgeons started using laparoscopes for gallbladder surgery and then it advanced even more to different areas and organs of the body that can be operated on using a laparoscope. They can be used for removal of the appendix and removal of endometriosis. A laparoscope can also be used when treating an ectopic pregnancy or for female sterilization. It can be used to repair a hernia or to see tumors on the abdomen or on the pancreas or liver.

Anyone can have laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA if the doctor clears them as a good candidate. The elderly are especially good candidates for this type of surgery because the less invasive procedure is easier on their heart and pulmonary function. There are also fewer complications than of traditional surgery. This makes it a much more appealing type of surgery to the elderly.

It is amazing to have this kind of technology available in hospitals worldwide. With more research and more advancement in technology, surgeries will only become easier and more successful in the future.

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