Spring, summer, and fall are the prime times for many people to enjoy the outdoors and spend time outside in their yards. However, nobody wants to be eaten alive by mosquitoes while trying to breathe in the fresh air. There are a number of steps to a typical Mosquito Control Program in Alexandria VA that you can take to help limit the risk of being overwhelmed by mosquitoes.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Without stagnant water, there isn’t anywhere for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. This means no new mosquitoes will be born. So it’s a no-brainer that the first step to any Mosquito Control Program in Alexandria VA is to get rid of any sources of standing water. Fill in any dips in the land where water builds up, make sure there aren’t any bins or cans left outside to collect rain, clean out the gutters, and make sure that the bases of flower pots aren’t collecting standing water after storms. If you do harvest rainwater, do so in containers that are covered. If you’ve got a pool, make sure to keep it properly chlorinated so mosquitoes can’t breed in it. Ornamental ponds either need to have something to keep water moving, like a waterfall, or contain mosquito-eating fish.s

Change Your Lightbulbs

This is a simple step, but it can have a limiting effect on the number of mosquitoes that come near the home. Instead of using bright white lights, which mosquitoes love, change the bulbs so they give off a yellow light that isn’t quite as bright. You’ll still be able to see but won’t have a swarm of mosquitoes near each light. Browse here for more details.

Plant the Right Vegetation

There are certain plants that mosquitoes don’t like. Planting these near where you like to spend time in the yard can be a key part of a Mosquito Control Program in Alexandria VA. These marigolds, basil, and tansy. The basil can also be handy for cooking, and the marigolds can brighten up the yard, so they’ll be dual-purpose plants. Keep grass short and weed regularly to limit adult mosquito resting places.


Those who want to avoid chemical bug sprays can try spraying the areas where mosquitoes tend to congregate with either Listerine or liquid garlic spray.

Contact Pest Management Services in Alexandria VA for more information on mosquito control. They can handle all of your pest control needs.