Many homes need a crawl space vapor barrier in Charlotte, NC. The reason for having a crawl space in the first place is to help with the foundation of a home. However, this area can also serve as a breeding ground for mold. If you do not currently have a sealed crawl space, then keep an eye out for the presence of mold to know when it is time to call in the experts.

There Was a Recent Flood

Leaks and floods happen frequently. You may have gotten everything fixed inside your home, but you also need to check the crawl space to see if the moisture seeped through. Make sure every area of your house is checked so that you know there cannot possibly be any mold growing.

There Are Spots Growing on Wood

As you are inspecting your property, keep an eye on any small green spots, especially if they are on wood. This is a sign mold is already growing. You will need crawl space repair, and afterward you should install a crawl space vapor barrier in Charlotte, NC to reduce the likelihood of mold growing in the future.

There Is Damage Forming Inside Your Home

If you are not careful, mold can quickly spread throughout your house. You may start to see wallpaper bubble, or the floor starts getting warped. A big indicator of the presence of mold is that you are going to smell a repugnant stench throughout your house. If you cannot find mold anywhere inside your home, then you need to check the crawl space or basement.

There are a variety of services you can get with Dry Otter Waterproofing such as crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing. If you are concerned about mold forming underneath your home, then make sure to consider installing a new, viable crawl space vapor barrier in Charlotte, NC.

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