For people moving into or out of the Charlotte, NC, area, making plans well in advance of the move is always the best possible option. Even in cases where there is short notice for the move, taking the time to screen moving companies in the area before making phone calls and talking with the company reps is a way to save time in planning.

The internet makes it easy to do a lot of the pre-screening work on movers at your convenience. There are several strategies to getting the most out of your online searches to help you to find the best moving companies for local, long distance, or even international relocation.

Ask for Recommendations from Trusted Sources

Before starting an internet search for a relocation service, start by asking friends and trusted sources for any personal recommendations they may be able to offer. Many Realtors, home insurance companies, and human resource departments can provide insight into the best movers to use.

Search the Internet

Searching the internet is a great way to narrow down a list of recommended movers or to get started in finding a company. However, not all of the companies that are at the top of the search engine results page are always the best.

The first search is great for finding moving companies in your area, but then go to the individual websites and check information. Look for services offered on the site, as well as the actual contact information for the company. Less reputable movers do not post a physical address or use a P.O box and email or phone contact information only. The ProMover designation is an excellent certification to look for and ensure the mover follows best practices and provides consumer protection and support.

Review Feedback Sites

After screening the websites of the moving companies, use independent websites that provide customer reviews. This gives authentic feedback generated by past customers of the Charlotte, NC moving service.