Release coatings are used extensively in various industrial settings to maintain and enhance process and production operations of various types. The types of release coating products that fall into this category include fluoropolymer, fluoropolymer PTFE, and fluoropolymer FEP.

Prolonging and Enhancing Equipment Operations

Applications, such as those that require an improvement in the performance of machinery and machinery parts utilize a specific combination of fluoropolymers and other chemistries referred to as release coatings. You can have these coatings applied without any additional lubricants required that might otherwise serve as a magnet for dirt particles.

With the application of release coatings, machines are able to maintain or increase the efficiency of their operations, even when they have been out of use for lengthy periods of time. In addition, release coatings can reduce the coefficient of friction involved between surfaces and reduce the level of noise produced by the equipment in some cases.

A number of applications can benefit significantly from release coatings that are easy to apply and also cure quickly. Industries such as electronics, communications, automotive, and national security can benefit from fluoropolymer coatings that are a type of release coating and deliver excellent durability and protection. These coatings are a cost-effective solution for various types of industrial and manufacturing applications and possess a higher level of toughness than Teflon.

Used in the Food Prep Industry

The food preparation industry makes use of fluoropolymer coatings constantly due to their nonstick characteristics. They greatly enhance the process of cleaning up cookware after cooking.

Protection Against Heat

Another outstanding feature of fluoropolymer coatings is their heat resistant capability. In fact, they provide such excellent protection in this regard that they are used to shield electrical wires from potential damage caused by exposure to temperatures as high as 500°F.

When release coating products are applied properly, they can deliver excellent protection for your equipment and machinery and improve the efficiency of your operations. This can extend the service life of vital equipment and provide you with important cost savings as well.

If your current construction or industrial operations can benefit from the benefits provided by release coatings, contact a reputable metal coatings provider today to learn more.