Choosing the wedding venue isn’t a decision that could be taken lightly. You’ll need to take plenty of things into account. Here’s a list of questions to give you an idea what to look for:

How many guests do you have?

Your wedding venue must be enough to accommodate everyone on the guest list. If it’s a small wedding, it’s even more important to shop around for small wedding venues until you find one with enough room for everyone.

Have you checked them out?

Never decide on a venue until you’ve personally checked it out yourself along with your fiancé. The right light, angle or camera could turn any spot into a magical one. So see for yourself if the venue is a match for what you and your would-be-spouse had in mind.

How flexible are your dates?

Off-season weddings can cost a whole lot less than those during peak seasons, the Bridal Guide says. So if you’re flexible with your wedding dates, you might have more options to work with than if you’ve got your heart set on a specific one. This is going to affect everything, from your wedding venue fees to the negotiating time with your vendors.

Do you have a theme?

Always wanted that fairytale wedding? With a ton of beautiful flowers in a secret garden? Picking out the right venue can go a long way to giving you the vibe and atmosphere you want for your wedding.

How much is your budget?

Picking out a posh wedding venue could eat up a chunk of your budget. So you and your fiancé need to be sure you do the math and know just how much you can afford to spend and not. Factor in the location as well. small wedding venues in prime spots can cost more than those done elsewhere. Look into wedding packages to save on costs.