People who long for a fireplace in the living room but don’t want the mess or heat loss up the chimney can make their dream come true with a Gas Fireplaces Company. Today’s gas fireplaces have an appearance very similar to wood fires. It’s difficult to see the difference unless someone is taking a close, long look. The ceramic logs create the effect of flames spreading and retreating, just as they do with wood.

It’s true that a gas fireplace doesn’t offer the crackling and snapping sounds of a wood fire. It also generally doesn’t give off as much heat as a wood fire at maximum output, but the heat it does provide is consistent and significantly more efficient. People who live in the home can turn on the fire whenever they want to without hauling in wood and loading wood into the fireplace. They never have to clean ashes or pieces of wood and bark from the area. Getting a fire started is no problem whatsoever.

A Gas Fireplaces Company installs the equipment at an existing chimney or constructs a direct vent to the outdoors to eliminate combustion fumes as well as tiny particles of ash and carbon. This is nothing unusual. It’s similar to the way a gas furnace must effectively send fumes outside after combustion. Conversions of wood fireplaces also can be performed. Some homeowners decide to keep the wood fireplace and use it on special occasions while having a gas model installed elsewhere in the home for regular use.

Homeowners who are thinking of having a fireplace installed in a smaller area, such as the corner of a basement family room, may wonder whether a gas model from a company such as The Fireplace Guys has any advantages over an electric one. The installation cost for a gas fireplace usually is higher because of the venting issue. However, the gas model looks more like the real thing and can warm a larger area of the home. When guests come over, they are likely to think the gas fireplace is a wood one; the same is not true for an electric device. See to arrange a free at-home consultation.