When someone has a tooth accidentally knocked out of their mouth, they will want to get emergency dental care in Ypsilanti, MI immediately. Going to an emergency dentist in less than an hour’s time can be beneficial in an attempt to place the tooth back into the socket effectively. There are a few steps one should take to try to transport the tooth in a way where the roots will not be damaged.

First, the tooth should be picked up only by the crown portion. Touching the root area can cause it to become deteriorated, making it less likely that it will be able to be placed back into the socket. The tooth should be rinsed to remove any debris from the root as well as the surface. Make sure the sink’s drain is closed when rinsing the tooth so it does not accidentally get pushed down the drain from the impact of the water.

Next, the person should attempt to place the tooth back into the socket it fell from. This will help keep the roots moist in an atmosphere safe for them. Make sure the tooth is pointing in the proper direction before pushing it into place. In some instances, the person will not be able to successfully put the tooth back into place. In this case, the tooth will need to be kept moist while in transit to the dentist. The best way to accomplish this is by placing the tooth in a container full of milk. Putting the tooth in water will put the root at risk for damage if the liquid is full of minerals. If milk is not accessible, the person can place the tooth inside their inner cheek area. They need to be very careful not to swallow the tooth if using this method.

If someone is in need of Emergency Dental Care in Ypsilanti, MI, they can contact a professional in the area to help with the reinsertion of the tooth. Browse our website and make a call to alert someone that emergency help is needed. A dentist will be waiting to help with the procedure.