A Gas Fireplace Insert in Minneapolis MN has many benefits over a traditional wood burning fireplace. Gas burns more efficiently, cleaner, and safer than wood, so an insert is used to convert a chimney fireplace into a gas burning one. It can be placed into the space in one day. One benefit of an insert is that it blocks drafts and moisture from entering the house via the chimney. Drafts make the home colder, and can push gasses, soot, ashes, and smoke back into the house. A cap on the chimney can help eliminate some of the debris from entering, but does nothing to prevent the smoke and gasses. The fan component of the insert moves cold air out of the house, while convection vents keep warm air in and circulating around the room.

A conversion with a Gas Fireplace Insert in Minneapolis MN will also save time and money. A pilot light and internal gas line provide a flame on demand. The family does not have to wait for a wood fire to be built up with newspaper, kindling pieces, and logs. It then takes some time for the fire to provide heat. A gas fireplace starts with the touch of a button, and provides heat immediately. Money is saved in a few different ways. First, higher energy-efficiency means it costs less to stay warm. No other materials are needed to start the fire, move logs, or protect the room from burning embers that may shoot out of the fireplace. That means no money is spent on wood, matches, pokers, shovels for cleaning, and screens. Cleaning and inspection of a gas fireplace is a much quicker and cost-effective process. Maintenance and repairs are less expensive as well.

A conversion needs to be done by an experienced company for the best result. A free in-home consultation process can help customers know what options are available, as well as the total cost of the project. Measurements are placed into the computer by the technician doing the consultation. A quick display of fireplace options is the result. A review of the features and the cost of each option is provided, and any questions are answered. A detailed proposal is printed out for the customer for consideration. The project can be scheduled if and when the customer decides to proceed. Go to to request a consultation and get a complete list of services offered.

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