Having teeth removed is often a painful process that requires a couple of days to recover. This is often necessary when the wisdom teeth begin growing in, as they can push on the gums and surrounding teeth and even damage the jawbone. Wisdom Teeth in Cranford NJ need to be removed as soon as any pain or discomfort is felt. The recovery process is not entirely difficult, but it needs to be followed precisely in order to be efficient in healing.

Leave the Gauze Alone

Many people have a difficult time during the recovery of their wisdom teeth removal because they can not leave the gauze alone. They are inclined to feel the gauze with their tongues and move it around in their mouths due to the funny, new feeling it causes. Although many will have a hard time leaving it alone, the gauze truly should not be touched if they want their mouths to heal properly. The initial piece of gauze should remain in the mouth until the dentist instructs them otherwise. At that time, a new piece can be put in its place.

Day or Two of Recovery

Some may think that a simple tooth removal will have them in and out of the dentist’s office in no time, where they can resume their daily lives. This is not the case. At least a day, if not two, of recovery should be taken. It will allow the person time for their mouth to heal, as well as let the grogginess wear off from the medication provided before the extraction took place.

Soft Foods Only

With a tooth removed from the mouth, eating will not be as easy as it may have once been. Instead of resuming typical eating activities, those who have had a tooth removed need to eat soft foods only. This means yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, mashed potatoes, soup, and anything else that does not require much, if any, chewing.

The recovery process for having a tooth removed is not a long one, but it is still a process nonetheless. Wisdom Teeth in Cranford NJ need to be removed carefully, and the recovery process needs to be followed thereafter. It will ensure the mouth heals properly with one less tooth intact. Anybody currently in need of wisdom tooth removal can visit Westfield Oral Surgery to have the tooth removed and begin their recovery journey.