Oriental Rug Repairs in The Woodlands, TX Allow Residents to Revitalize Their Decors

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Rugs

Oriental rugs are the ultimate flooring statements of taste and design. Therefore, when a rug needs repair, you need to find a “carpet doctor” who knows about fibers and weaves. Fortunately, taking advantage of Oriental rug repairs in The Woodlands, TX permits residents in the area to revitalize their decors and enhance the appearance of their floors.

For example, Oriental rugs, when placed over a hardwood floor, enhance the grains in the wood and can add to the overall textural beauty of the substrate. Therefore, residents should use a service that provides Oriental rug repairs in The Woodlands, TX to add value to their rugs as well as to their homes.

When it comes to Oriental rug repairs in The Woodlands, TX then,  you may want to know what some of the repair services cover. Typically, it is a good idea if you use a rug cleaner for cleaning your rugs that the service also provides Oriental rug repairs in The Woodlands, TX too.

Cost-efficient Approaches

If a rug cleaning company comes to your home to pick up your rugs, then the rugs, at that time, should also be inspected for damage. A company that provides both cleaning and repair should offer the most cost-efficient approaches to keep valuable rugs, such as Oriental carpets, in good repair now and far into the future.

Fixing a Rug’s Border

Sometimes, when rug cleaning companies inspect a rug for damage, they find that a simple repair can be made to the edging of the carpet. Repairs such as edge conservation, dabble knotting or overcasting, are all repairs that will fix edges of rugs and wayward or missing threads.

More Extensive Repairs

In some instances Oriental rug repairs in The Woodlands, TX are more extensive. In these cases, rugs may require reweaving, patching or dyeing so the rug can be revitalized. Specifically, repair services that are more in-depth may include:

* Edge work blocking

* Re-fringing

* Re-selvage slip knotting

* Full or partial restoration – dabble knots

* Re-wefting of leather edging

* Dye work patching

* Re-weaving and moth-proofing

Designs and Motifs in Oriental Rug Designs

Of course, when you are seeking rug repair services, you no doubt will become familiar with Oriental rug terms and features too. For example, the “field” of the rug is the central portion of the carpet. A border surrounds the field’s central medallion and motifs. One of the displayed motifs is often the octagonal motif known as Gul (which is a word that means flower or rose).

The Herati design is often featured on carpets from Persia. Typically, four leaves are shown that have been woven around a diamond. The design, for some inexplicable reason, is often referenced as the “Fish Design,” although it has nothing to do with a fish.

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