Friendly reminder: spring and autumn are the best times to perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit in Richmond. You probably already knew that, but it is unlikely that would have been the first thing on your mind today. No worries; with a friendly reminder update sent to you by email or text, you will enjoy problem-free AC and clean air all summer long.

Because a well-maintained air conditioning system operates cleanly and efficiently, you do want to perform regular maintenance. Your HVAC system does a lot of work for you, keeping you warm all winter and cool all summer. Transition times like spring and fall can reveal some problems in your system, such as with a heat pump.

It is also true that maintenance saves you money in the long run. The small amount that you pay for tune-ups to the AC unit leads to a more efficient system, and a more efficient system means cheaper energy bills.

AC maintenance also means cleaner air. You change your filters regularly on your own, but there are other factors that impact indoor air quality. Ducts and vents also need to be cleaned. Need a reminder? No problem. Get Green is committed to clean air and a greener, healthier Richmond.

If you own a small business, regular AC maintenance is especially important for keeping your indoor air quality as high as possible. Also, your company’s reputation suffers when sudden system emergencies happen. Prevent problems before they arise with regular system checks.

Whether you manage a business or own a home in Richmond, your AC keeps you and your guests comfortable all year round. Take care of your AC system with regular maintenance, scheduled about twice per year, and enjoy cleaner air and lower energy bill!