Moving your office or residence is no easy task. Add moving your office or residence long distance and you just complicated an already daunting task. Allow the professional movers to handle your need for long distance moving. New Orleans is served by long distance relocation companies that can handle this very challenging task with ease.

Moving Your Office Long Distance
Before you move your office, you’ll want to have a pre-move plan and budget. The movers will give you an estimate and a detailed plan as to how your office will be moved from your current location to its future one. The company will also provide a single point of contact and on-site project management to certify all items arrive as planned. The movers will also provide floor plan designs and move the computer, electronics, and other equipment to suit the designed floor plan.

The company can also oversee the installation of furniture and furniture reconfiguration. Along with long distance moving of your electronics, they will also move your files and records all while providing you with top facility security and protection. To add ease to the moving process, the movers will also assist you with a post-move cleaning service to be sure your current facility is left in immaculate condition for the next occupants.

Long Distance Moving of Your Residence
Moving your residence is made easy with the movers’ free estimate and custom-designed moving plan to fit your personal needs and wants. A part of the moving plan includes your desired method of packing. The company can provide full or partial packing and unpacking. For your peace of mind, the movers offer online long distance moving tracking, valuation coverage, and property protection.

If you’re limited on time or space, consider a long or short term storage facility with monitored protection to safeguard your valuables. For items that do not fit easily into a standard box, use the crating and specialty packing service for your larger items. If your current residence has yet to be sold, the movers can declutter, stage, and organize the space to promote a sure sale. Along with caring for your current residence, the movers will also assist in finding you a temporary living space, mortgage assistance, and closing assistance.