Retread Tires: What are they?

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Automotive Industry

Occasionally referred to as refurbished tires or recaps, retread tires include older tires which were recoated with a rubber tread veneer. The retreaded tires are thought to be an efficient method of recycling old tires and cutting down on the quantity of rubber which winds up in landfills. For those who are on a tight budget, the precise retreaded truck tires in Fort Worth also can make it probable to replace worn tires without having to incur a high expense.

As the precise tire retreading process slightly varies from producer to producer, the essentials of the activity include taking a tire which is in great condition and adding one other rubber layer over the worn tread. The replacement treading is stuck to the initial tire using techniques which assist in bonding the veneer to the old tire so firmly that it’s challenging if not impossible to know the difference between new tires and retread tires. The bonding quality also is critical as a safety measure, as the bond has to be solid enough to preclude any veneer from detaching after just a brief period of use.

Such tires are designed for virtually any kind of wheeled vehicle which travels a public road. Cars include amongst the most common cases of vehicles which use retread tires. But, is isn’t unusual for a trucking company to use retread tires on both of their long-haul and short-haul transport big rigs and vans. Due to their proven safety record of quality retread tires, there’s complete confidence that these tires are going to hold up well and offer an equitable bit of safe travel for truckers.

Generally, retread tires may cost anywhere from 50% to 2/3 of the cost for new tires. For the family that needs to have two cars and additionally remain inside a budget, buying retread tires just make sense. The lower price will carry the advantage of an increased bit of safety over continually operating the vehicles using tires which have little tread remaining.

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