Many people moving for their first time using professional movers will not realize that there are different types of moving quotes. This can lead to a lot of confusion for Houston residents as they get very low quotes and what look like high quotes, but they seem to be offering the same services.

By understanding the different types of quotes you can get from a mover, you have the ability to judge which one is actually the best deal. Keep in mind; you cannot compare different types of quotes with each other as they are based on completely different types of considerations.

Non-Binding Quotes

A lot of moving companies will provide what is called a non-binding quote. This means they will give you an estimate of what they think the weight of your items will be. However, it will be the actual weight on the truck that will be the amount billed.

The obvious issue with these types of moving quotes is that the movers can feel free to estimate low, providing customers with what looks like a very appealing estimate. The mover is not taking any risk or making any commitment to the price. These types of quotes or estimates can often result in final amounts that are two or three times higher than the estimate.

Binding Quotes

Binding moving quotes hold the moving company to the price, provided there are no additional items added to the load, no additional services requested or that there is no other type of change to the move.

A not-to-exceed binding quote means the mover cannot charge more than that amount, but they may charge less based on the actual weight on the truck. Both of these options will typically be higher than a non-binding estimate, but they also are realistic and allow you to budget for your Houston move.