Many people consider going to an eye doctor only when they have problems. They may rush to get an appointment if they experience an injury or infection. Routine eye care is important, even if you do not wear glasses or contacts. There are several health issues that are screened for at each annual exam. You may also have subtle vision changes as you age that could affect your ability to drive if not treated. Take care of yourself and visit the eye specialist each year when you have your regular health check-up.

The Exam

Even in if you have never worn glasses, your vision is checked at each exam. You may be asked to read letters from a distance to gauge the health of your vision. Many doctors distribute eye drops to dilate the eyes for better examination. A quality optometrist in Chicago can set up an appointment for you. Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that is indicated by increasing pressure in the eye. This pressure is also checked at every visit. When eye diseases are found early, an optometrist can start treatment right away.


There are a few common issues that come about with age. Your vision can change significantly. You may not be able to see well at night anymore. This lack of night vision can be dangerous when driving after dark. Your optometrist can tell you when it is time to cut back on night driving. You may also notice that text is harder to read when it is close to you. This can be the opposite of what happens when you are younger with nearsightedness. You can recognize this issue by observing blurry words when a paper is near your face. They may get better as you move it further away. Tropical Optical Corp is here to help.

Routine care is an important way to discover health issues before they become large. Treatment is much easier when problems are found early. Routine care can catch diseases and small vision changes. Be sure to schedule annual exams for the best results.