Dental care is an important part of overall health. Preventative care is great for reducing issues. However, sometimes teeth still manage to decay or fall out. This can be caused by aging, injury, or gum disease. It is important to find a dentist that sees you through the process of choosing a replacement option for your teeth. Implants are a big trend in dental care, at present. They help to restore more desirable eating habits, appearance, and comfort. Here is what you can expect.


The dentist will help you prepare for your dental implants in Grand Island, NE. Your first meeting may be to have a consultation about your options. The procedure should be explained to you at this time. You may have damaged teeth removed before implementing implants. Once you have healed, the anchors are placed into your bone. It will be several weeks after this before you can finish the job. Dental implants happen in stages. Once your bone grows around the anchors, the dentist will place a crown on these anchors, and your teeth will be good as new.

A Fresh Start

Dental implants are the first step towards getting many aspects of your life back. You may feel like an entirely new person once the implants are complete. You can often eat your favorite foods again after getting the implants. They are much sturdier than traditional dentures, making life much easier for those that suffer tooth loss. Your new smile is another perk of giving implants a try. When teeth are lost due to an injury, patients may be quite young. Teens and young adults, especially, may have a hard time without a tooth. Dental implant surgery is minor and can help young people get a fresh start. Visit us to learn more about your options.

Replacement of damaged or unhealthy teeth with artificial implants can help mimic the original bite pattern and aesthetics. A new smile is waiting after a successful procedure. This process improves the quality of life in many ways.