RPM Management in East County, CA can save you money

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Real Estate

It may be unfortunate, but the number of properties that have been foreclosed on and the number that has been abandoned because of the wide disparity between debt and equity, has provided an opportunity for people to get investment properties. The timing is excellent; the properties are there; the prices are right and other forms of investment are performing poorly. This is a good time to either introduce property to your portfolio or to add more.

Having the properties and maximizing on their potential are two different things. Without the skills of an RPM Management in East County, CA, your investments will be at risk; at best, they will not provide the rate of return on your investment that you planned on. Property management saves you money in the long run by being infinitely more efficient in keeping the properties filled with responsible tenants and ensuring that the properties are well maintained at the lowest cost.

To maximize your property investments, here are a few key elements that will make it happen:

Avoid vacancies:
There is only a single source of income from investment property; rent. Even if the rent dries up, the expenses do not, maintenance must continue and taxes, insurance and the mortgage still have to be paid. For this reason, maintaining full occupancy is of the utmost importance; however, the caveat is, they have to be the right tenants. The best tenant will be responsible in their duties; they will pay the rent on time, and they will care for the property. Filling a property for the sake of filling it can often be a costly mistake.

Shorter vacancies:
There will always be a vacancy once in a while. Even the best properties will have tenants who relocate or buy their own home. When this happens, a professional dealing with RPM Management in East County, CA can jump into action with an aggressive and carefully thought-out marketing plan. The plan puts the property in front of the right people, and it does so quickly through a host of methods, including online listings, circulars and advertisements. Expert property managers will work outside of normal business hours, so they are available to show the property when people are available. The best property managers know what rental rates to set to remain competitive, yet still maximizing, the owner’s investment.

Selecting the right tenants:
The key to successful property management is selecting the perfect tenant. The right tenant will stay with the property longer and perform in accordance with the terms of the lease. Professional managers have very refined screening methods to make sure the applicant has a steady job and has a clean credit and criminal background, all done without prejudice.

RPM Management in East County CA has all the skills to put your property plan into action. Contact Real Property Management – Titanium, East County as soon as the need arises. They can be contacted at 619-344-0900.

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