If you have been subjected to inappropriate comments while at work, you should consult with a sexual harassment attorney in Worcester MA, as soon as you can to determine whether or not you might have a sexual harassment case. There have been several instances where Worcester residents have forfeited their opportunity to obtain damages from employers or co-workers because they were under the mistaken impression that suggestive comments or crude jokes did not constitute sexual harassment. However, sexual harassment can run the gamut from demands for sex to inappropriate comments about your body. Because each situation is unique, you will want to have your attorney in Worcester, MA, review your case to ascertain whether litigation would be in your best interest.

Recently, a former county employee in another state received a nearly $500,000 settlement in a lawsuit that included sexual harassment allegations. According to the woman’s lawyer, she had accused a man who was with the county health department at the time of making inappropriate comments. Her lawsuit contended that she was terminated after she had made repeated complaints about the man’s comments. The lawsuit was filed by the woman’s attorney and included not only the man who had allegedly made the inappropriate comments, but the county as well. When asked whether or not she believed that she gotten justice in the case, the woman’s only comment once the settlement was agreed upon was that the amount spoke for itself.

Although a lawyer for the county had tried to argue that the man’s comments did not meet the definition of sexual harassment, those arguments were ultimately ineffective and the woman was successful in obtaining the damages that she believed she was due as a result of the sexual harassment she was forced to endure and the subsequently backlash on the part of the county. If you have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances or comments, you might also be entitled to certain financial benefits. Your attorney will work assiduously to defend and uphold your rights and to ensure that you have the best opportunity possible to obtain whatever remuneration you may be due.

Do not let your employer or a fellow co-worker make you believe that you do not have a legitimate case if you have been the victim of sexual harassment. Make sure to speak with an attorney in Worcester, MA, who has the experience and expertise to make that determination based on knowledge of the law. Get whatever justice and damages may be due to you by consulting with a sexual harassment attorney today.

If you have been subjected to unwanted advances, comments about your body, or unwanted physical contact while at your workplace, a sexual harassment attorney at the Law Office of Michael O. Shea, P.C. will help you in your efforts to recover damages.