It’s a sickening feeling when going to crank the ignition of a car only to hear the click click click sound. Your mind races. Did you leave the lights on and drain the battery? Could it be the alternator? Perhaps it’s the starter? None of these thoughts might register if you know very little about cars. All you know is it’s NOT cranking. What should you do?


If someone is around who can give you a jump start on the car, it can immediately be driven to a parts store or garage. There, they can check the battery/alternator to see which one is the culprit. Typically, these stores will give you this information for free, with no obligation to buy the part there. Instead, you could take the car home and preform the service yourself or see if a family member could help. You can buy used car parts in Pasadena TX to save money and still have your car up and running in no time.


Whether you have AAA or another roadside assistance service or you have to pay to have the car towed by a towing service, have it taken to a reputable mechanic. There, they can perform diagnostics to find out exactly what the problem is. Some may charge a fee to diagnose it and then take that fee of the total cost of fixing it. You still might save money if you find out what the problem is, then buy Used Car Parts in Pasadena TX to do the work yourself. The parts store may offer a warranty on the part, although doing the work yourself could null and void some warranties. Check into this before buying.

Doing the work yourself or having a friend who can help you out in a bind is an excellent way to save money on simple repairs. Some auto repair firms will also allow you to bring your part in and they’ll do the work for you. Ask first before you go and purchase your part! Visit us for more information on parts available to the public.