When families and defendants need help from a bail bondsman, they don’t want issues to get in their way. There are a few ways to make the process go smoothly, however. In this brief guide, readers will learn some important facts about working with a Bail Bonding Company in Milford CT.

How to Use a Bondsman

Most criminal defendants are given a chance to pay bail. This means that the local court decides how much they need to pay to be released from jail until their next court appearance. Sometimes, bail is unaffordable for a defendant, and in these cases, they may count on a bondsman for help. The bondsman covers the remainder of the bail amount in exchange for the assurance that the defendant will appear in court.

Bail Bond Types

Before hiring a bondsman, defendants should know the types of bonds they may work with.

  • A cash bond involves cash or money order.
  • Property bonds use real property (or its value) as collateral for the bail amount.
  • Surety bonds are like loans. Here, the bondsman pays the full bail amount, and the defendant pays the bondsman a percentage while promising to appear in court.

Next, defendants will learn some helpful tips on working with a bail bonding company in Milford CT.

Know How Much Bail is Needed

Defendants typically find out their bail amount while they’re in jail. The judge determines that amount based on the severity of the offense and whether the defendant poses a flight risk. With the most heinous crimes, bail isn’t an option, but for frequent offenses, a preset bail schedule is used.

Learn About the Bondsman’s Fees

Laws on bond fees vary by jurisdiction, but in most cases, it’s approximately ten percent. Some areas disallow surety bonds, and if the defendant has questions about bondsman fees, the court clerk can help.

Call a Bail Bondsman Today, Don’t Delay

When defendants and their families need help from a bail bondsman, it’s important to choose only the best. For those in the Milford area, the bond company can help. Visit us online or call today for more details.