Garage door service professionals identify four problems as the most common reasons for Garage Door Repairs Phoenix AZ. These are springs that need replacing, problems with the garage door opener, doors that are off track, and broken panels.

When a garage door’s springs are broken, the door won’t lift; it’s the tension in the tightly wound coils that provides the heavy-lifting power. Standard residential garage doors use extension springs (as opposed to torsion springs) that are located on a road that runs along the top of the garage door. Most springs can last through 10,000 cycles of opening and closing; however, hitting the door with a car can cause springs to go bad much sooner. The signs of bad springs are a failure to open and close or obvious damage to the springs themselves, like sagging from over-extension and separation between the coils.

The garage door opener is equipped with sensors on either side of the garage door that detect the movement of the door. The sensors are set to recognize a certain position as “all the way down.” When sensors are blocked or dirty, they may not be able to sense the garage doors correctly. In addition, the setting may be off, causing the door to lift again when it touches the ground as if it has hit an obstacle. Problems with garage door opener transmitters can also cause the doors to behave erratically – often when the transmitter is underneath something that presses on it or when a neighbor’s transmitter is on the same frequency.

The garage door moves along metal tracks that run along both sides of the garage ceiling. If the doors get even slightly off track, they will drag and put too much weight on the springs. When this happens, the door may move more slowly or jerkily than usual, and it may be possible to see a gap between the rollers and the track. Adjusting the tracks involves loosening and repositioning them. If a track is bent out of shape, it needs to be hammered back into alignment or replaced.

A broken garage door panel is another problem that calls for repair. In many cases, a single panel can be replaced without replacing the entire door. For more information about replacing broken panels and other Garage Door Repairs Phoenix AZ, Click Here to visit Neighborhood Garage Door Service.