When you think if St. Augustine pain management, many people think of only them treating back and neck pain. However, at Riverside Pain Physicians they can help manage the pain of many more conditions as well. One of those conditions is carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that makes it painful to move the wrist and hand. The condition will get worse if it isn’t treated the right way. What are the main causes and symptoms? Read on below to find out.

What Are the Causes?
There are many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome being explored, from diabetes to fractures or trauma to the wrist. One cause is said to be using a keyboard for extensive periods of time, such as authors, freelancers, secretaries, and most office workers.

What is at Risk?
It is said that women are more likely to develop carpal tunnel than men because of their smaller bone structure. Some jobs that are at high risk for men and women are below.

  • Assembly work
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction work
  • Occupations that involve using a keyboard countless hours a day

What Are Some of the Symptoms?
The symptoms of carpal tunnel are varied. The symptoms usually follow the nerve path of the hand and wrist and can cause numbness and not being able to hold onto things at times. Some other symptoms are listed below. If you have these symptoms, you may want to check into St. Augustine pain management for help.

  • Tingling, numbness and pain in your fingers and thumb(s)
  • Burning pain waves that travel up your arm
  • Having pain in your wrist that keeps you from sleeping at night
  • The muscles in your hand becoming weak and causing you to drop things easily

For more information on carpal tunnel and how it can be managed through St. Augustine pain management, contact the professionals at Riverside Pain Physicians for help.