Ensure that the construction, repair or maintenance work on your pipeline goes off without a hitch. Here are top tips to help you find the right service team for pipelines in Alberta:

Check for the necessary skills

Not all construction companies are made equal. That’s why checking up on the quality of the employees should be one of the first things you’ll need to do before you sign a contract with a pipeline service firm, Construction World says.

Ask about the basics

Is the firm licensed? Are the contractors trained and licensed as well as bonded and insured? Don’t make the mistake of skipping the basics. Get these questions out of the way first before diving into the rest of the hiring process. If you encounter snags with any of the basic requirements, though, then look for service companies for pipelines in Alberta with no such problems.

Factor in alignment

The best construction teams are ones that work with your needs, budget and schedule in mind. They do more than deliver on the work agreed-upon in the contract. They find better ways to provide you the services you need, whether it means adjusting their processes or making adjustments to their timelines. That’s called alignment. Also, if the team has the same corporate values and results-driven work ethic that you implement at your own company, then that’s a good choice for a service company and gives you more than enough common ground to build a lasting professional relationship on.

Assess reputation

With companies like Platinum Pipefitting, you’ll want to take more than a long, considering look. The firm partners up with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association, the Canadian Welding Bureau and Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, all to ensure that their employees continue to deliver excellent results. That’s the best kind of recommendation when you’re scouting around for an pipeline service firm.