Feeding your baby solids for the first time is a milestone. Here are a few signs to look out for before you can say he’s ready.

He’s old enough

The optimal time to start solids is between ages four and six. Don’t start your baby on solids before he’s even reached four months old because his digestive tract won’t have the ability to process solids yet. If he’s old enough, though, then it might be time to start scouting around for a company that delivers healthy and fresh baby food in Upper East Side so you can save on a lot of prep time.

He can sit up

If your baby can sit up with support, that’s a good sign. If he can do that, then he can probably hold up his head and neck or sit in a high chair. Make sure you follow safety rules first, though. Buckle your baby into the chair so he won’t be able to get away or squirm out, the WebMD says.

He’s interested

Does he seem much more interested in your food these days? That could be another indication that he’s ready to get started on solids soon. However, if you’ve been feeding your baby breastmilk for the last few months, you’ll want to wait until he’s about six months old before you get started on solids.

He doesn’t reject the food

Granted, sometimes, it might take you about ten to fifteen tries before your baby finally swallows and likes the food you get him to taste. When he does, though, then that means he’s ready. If he keeps rejecting the food, though, try something else. Looking to provide your child with a Get fresh baby food Get fresh baby food in Upper East Side delivered right to your door. With plenty of meal options, ensuring your son has a healthy diet should be easy.