Do you notice steering problems with your car? Does the steering seem more difficult than before? You could have a wheel alignment problem in San Antonio, and it is important to keep your car’s suspension properly aligned. Here are some good things to know about alignment to help you make an informed decision on your vehicle’s maintenance.

It is Not in the Wheels

Even though most people refer to alignments as “wheel aligning” this is not the case. When the car’s suspension is properly aligned, so are the tires and wheels. For example, the angle at which your tires touch the road depends on the car’s suspension components. There are three main issues which can cause your vehicle’s suspension to get out of alignment.

 * Potholes and bumps – when you get suddenly jarred by hitting a large pothole or bump in the road, the impact can throw things out of kilter.

 * Worn out parts – things like tie rods, ball joints, and steering parts can wear out. When they do, this affects your wheel alignment in San Antonio.

 * Vehicle modifications – if you install a lift kit or make other modifications, this can alter your car’s suspension and its alignment.

Signs You May Have Alignment Problems

If your tires do not line up perfectly with the road, they can wear on one side of the tread. This is often one of the first signs you notice. Your tires may squeal when you take corners, or the steering wheel could act strangely or vibrate sometimes. The car may seem to drift as you drive.

If you notice these things, take your car to your local tire shop for a wheel alignment in San Antonio. They inspect your suspension and can put everything back into place. This is important if you plan to buy tires soon.