An auto accident can be a stressful and often life-altering experience. From the moment of impact, there is ongoing confusion with seemingly endless questions to answer. Before responding to insurance companies or other parties, consider six reasons to consult a reputable auto accident attorney in Silverdale.

Attorneys Protect Legal Rights

Each person in an accident has legal rights and must know how to protect them. An attorney knows these rights and helps clients exercise them. Making the wrong statement or taking improper actions can sabotage an otherwise strong case.

Handle the Process Properly

Attorneys understand the process of making personal injury claims. All paperwork is completed and submitted promptly. From the first statement about the accident to settlement negotiations, an attorney knows what must be done.

Perform Research and Gather Evidence

A law office performs essential research and gathers evidence to support a client’s case, which might include witness statements, video, photographs, hospital reports, medical records, expert testimony, and more. The attorney gets enough substantiation to support the case and negotiate a settlement for the client.

Make Compelling Statements

During the hectic moments after an accident, people are often confused and distracted. Some of them are severely injured and unable to speak. Either way, it makes sense to talk to an attorney before making formal statements to ensure these are accurate, complete, and compelling.

Know the Value of the Injuries

Insurance companies want to save money to boost their bottom line profits. This means that, often, victims are offered a settlement that is less than the injuries are worth. An attorney will know how much a case is worth, and will fight to get the most money for victims.

Get the Best Possible Outcome

An accident is traumatic and leads to losses for the victim. After the damages are assessed, the victim must get back what they lost. An attorney will recognize the facts and present them in a meaningful way to get the best possible results.

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