Somebody suffering from arthritis can experience such pain that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. In some cases, traditional medicines and surgeries can do little to aid in the relief of this dreaded disease. Thankfully, there are innovative techniques that have great promise to relieve some forms of arthritis which do not respond well to other types of treatment. One of these treatments is Stem Cell Injection.

What Exactly Is It?

Unlike the more controversial method of using embryonic stem cells, this type of arthritic treatment uses either amniotic stem cells or stem cells taken from the patient’s own bone marrow. In this regard, there are no moral or ethical dilemmas to consider. This type of therapy has proven to be both safe and effective in relieving pain. Some patients have reported themselves to be pain-free years after only a few treatments. The stem cells are injected directly into the area where the pain is felt.

What Happens Afterward?

The Stem Cell Injection treatment lasts only about 90 minutes in total. Aside from the minor prick of the needle going in, there is no invasive procedure at all. The patient can leave the clinic immediately afterward and resume their normal daily routine. They will start to feel lasting relief after only a few weeks. The patient will progress into a pain-free life they actually enjoy, rather than just endure.

Is It Safe?

Yes, it has been proven to be very safe. Unlike pharmaceutical options, there is no risk of becoming addicted to anything. Stem cell therapy is also far less invasive than corrective surgery, which relies on slicing the patient open and often times leaving permanent scarring. STem cell therapy is a completely natural way to treat arthritis. It is used on thousands of patients every year.

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