Although it is not mandatory to have an attorney to help win your disability benefits, having one certainly increases the odds in your favor; even the Social Security Administration state that being represented by Social Security attorneys in Missouri increases the chance that you will win benefits by as much as 50 percent. Social Security is a federal government program, as is true with most government programs; the application process is very complex. Experienced Social Security attorneys have the insight and knowledge that you don’t have, they also are supported with resources that you don’t have. Seasoned Social Security attorneys are well aware of prior rulings and they have the tools that are necessary to research the medical aspect of your disability. All of these tools will be at your disposal.

Help at your hearing:

Although Social Security attorneys in Missouri can be hired at any stage of the process, they most often are called upon after the initial application and the request for reconsideration have both resulted in denial of benefits. The next phase of the appeals process is a hearing held in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. By the time of your scheduled hearing your attorneys will have gathered up to date medical records, ensuring they are submitted well before the hearing.

Your attorneys are well aware of what is required to support your case, they also know the questions to ask as well as the advantage of knowing what questions will be asked based on experience. In the majority of cases there will be a vocational expert in the hearing room, they will discuss the facts as they see them and provide their opinions to the judge. Your Social Security attorneys in Missouri will have the opportunity to cross examine these experts, ensuring that they take into account all the facts before they offer their opinions.

Getting your application for Social Security disability benefits is not easy but you can greatly improve your chances of success by hiring a seasoned Social Security attorney.

Social Security attorneys in Missouri can be extremely helpful when your initial application for benefits is denied and you have to face the appeals process. You are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group for more information and assistance.