Repeated studies have shown that children of all ages and all abilities can benefit from personal in-home tutoring, and if you are searching for the right tutoring company, it’s well worth taking the time to find a reliable and experienced company that gets results.

The goal of Brilliant Tutors Academy is to be the number one tutoring company in the Mumbai area. Since 1994, the academy has helped thousands of children to not only succeed, but to gain self-confidence and have fun at the same time. Whether your child is studying for one of the common exams such as the NEET or JEE or simply needs to improve their grade in one or more school subjects, expert tutoring can help.

Of course, every child’s needs are not the same, and the Academy also makes a point of adapting tutoring plans to a child’s individual needs, as well as carefully matching the right tutor to the child. The result is as perfect a match as possible, ensuring that your child receives the very best in personal home tutoring.

Being closely matched to the right tutor is just one of the benefits of being tutored at home. As a parent, you are busy with dozens of other things to occupy your day and having the tutor come to your home saves time and money on travel. Traffic problems and the stress of having to arrive somewhere on time, and somehow fit it into your busy schedule are things of the past. Needless to say, all our tutors undergo a stringent background check, and you can be assured that all are reliable and trustworthy, as well as being experts in their chosen subject.

Don’t wait another day if your child is falling behind at school – call Brilliant Tutors’ Academy today. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.