Like most major appliances, air conditioners need to be routinely maintained in order to run at peak efficiency. Air conditioning units are built to withstand the elements, but if they are not properly maintained, they will lose efficiency over time. Studies have shown that units that have not been maintained can lose up to five percent of their efficiency each year. This ultimately hurts the homeowner because the unit is going to cost more to run, and it is not going to run for as many years as it could with proper maintenance.

Now is a great time to shop around for AC Service Peachtree City because the temperatures aren’t as hot and there are many deals being offered. AC units that are properly tuned up can maintain ninety five percent of their efficiency. This means that the low cost of an annual tune up is well worth the money because it will keep an AC unit running at peak efficiency. One of the things that any AC Service tune up should look at is the condensing unit coils. These coils are essential to the performance of the unit and need to be kept clean.

Another area that any AC Service Peachtree City should be checking is the coolant level. The coolant in an air conditioning unit is what allows the homeowner to cool the house to a desired temperature. If coolant levels drop even ten percent below what they should be, it can cause a twenty percent increase in the cost to run the unit. Service teams should be the ones to add coolant if it is low because there are certain environmental laws that govern this activity.

In addition to service work done on the air conditioning unit, there are a few things that people can do in and around the home to keep their system running efficiently. One is to change air filters on a regular basis. This maintains clean air in the home and prevents any clogged filters from causing problems. It is also a good idea to keep bushes and tress away from the air conditioning unit to ensure that nothing prevents the unit from functioning properly.