Headaches are common and can become chronic in nature. When headaches begin to interfere with your life, it is imperative to seek medical treatment.

Since there are many causes of headaches, a doctor needs to be seen to find the cause. Often, problems with alignment of the vertebrae are to blame.
When the cervical spine is not properly aligned, this places pressure on the nerves running from the neck and into the head. Eventually, this can cause severe and ongoing headaches. Through chiropractic care in Fort Collins CO, the cause of your headaches can be found so you can find relief.

When headaches are caused by subluxations, this is often due to improper sitting or standing position. It can also be caused by tension and stress pulling on the muscles and creating pressure against the nerves. Chiropractic care can right the subluxations to bring them into proper alignment. This will allow the nerve irritation to stop so true pain relief can be found.

A treatment seeks to relax the muscles of the neck so the vertebrae can be brought back into alignment. This is done through manual manipulations, chiropractic tools and tables. The swift movements carried out during a manipulation help to move the bones back into position without causing undue pain. Though some people find they are sore for a couple of days after their initial treatment, this eventually leads to lasting relief from chronic headaches.

When headaches are caused by subluxations, prevention can be important. Proper sitting and standing position can be corrected to ensure pain will not be felt. The chiropractor can assist his patient in being able to overcome headaches.

As a part of treatment, the doctor will have his patient come in for routine maintenance treatments. These will help to keep the spine in good health so headaches and other types of pain can be avoided.

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