Stay Wrinkle-Free with BOTOX Treatments

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Health

There are a lot more benefits to getting BOTOX in Los Gatos than most people think or believe. Interested in getting one yourself? Read on to know more about the procedure so you’ll have a good idea of what you can look forward to:


This treatment is most effective and popular for eliminating deep lines or wrinkles. However, it doesn’t work on wrinkles caused by exposure to too much UV rays so if you’re a beach baby and you spend a lot of time under the sun with little or no sunscreen, then this might not be work for you.

Possible side-effects

This procedure can result in a few side effects such as pain and bruising around the site of the injection, says the WebMD. In some cases, it could also lead to drooping eye lids. Ask your doctor about the risks so you’ll be prepared for in case any of these happens to you.

Helpful tips

Before you schedule a BOTOX in Los Gatos, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Go for a realistic look. Tell your doctor to go easy on the BOTOX. The last thing you want to do is to come out of the procedure looking like your forehead is stretched to oblivion. Go for a more expressive and natural look instead. Your doctor can easily adjust the dosage if and when necessary.
  • Skip the pills. If you’re taking aspirin or ibuprofen, you’ll need to get off the medication for two weeks before your treatment. These will thin your blood, which could cause health complications.
  • Do your research. Be sure to go to a board-certified doctor who will perform the surgery with ease. If you aren’t certain about the qualifications or credentials of the doctor, don’t go through with the procedure. Look around until you find the right doctor.
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