Do You Need Animal Emergency Services?

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Veterinary

There are several reasons why someone might need animal emergency services. The most common reasons tend to be that the animal has eaten something and fallen ill. In other cases, they might get into some kind of fight and they need to be checked by a vet. The best way to know is by determining how severe the issue might actually be.

Animal Eats Something

It is common to need animal emergency services after your pet eats something it should not have. Most commonly, that would be a dog eating something it is allergic to. Cats tend to be slightly more discerning about what they eat. If the dog has eaten something, you should try to figure out how much it has eaten. Dogs cannot process chocolate, for example, but it is not going to cause lasting damage in small amounts. If your dog eats a lot of chocolate, or if it is a small dog, you need to visit a vet immediately.

You should visit to determine what kind of options you might have. The vet can help you determine how to take care of your dog.

Animal Gets in a Fight

In some cases, your animal might get into a fight. If it is injured, you probably need to go to a vet. However, if it is only cuts and scrapes, you might be able to avoid the vet. You need to keep the wounds as clean as you can, assuming you know what kind of animal your dog fought. If you do not know what kind of animal it was, or if you suspect it was a wild animal, you need to go to the animal clinic. A wild animal could have diseases that must be treated immediately before they are allowed to spread.

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