Owning waterfront properties and boat docks in Charlotte County, FL can be exciting for individuals as well as it often comes with many advantages. Listed below are a few of the many advantages one may experience with owning their own boat dock and waterfront property.

Advantages of a Boat Dock

Worry-free transportation. Owning an own boat dock means not having to worry about having to transport a boat or other watercraft to another marina. This also means that friends and family may also use the private boat dock without hassle.

Resale value increases. A private boat dock adds resale value to the waterfront property and possesses a high curb appeal for the neighborhood.

Security and peace of mind. Owning boat docks in Charlotte County, FL allows for family and friends to feel more secure and have peace of mind when storing their watercraft. Many marinas have numerous amounts of people coming and going, which may lead to damages or theft of the watercraft. A private boat dock eliminates potential damage.

Family fun. Owning a boat dock allows for friends and family to have fun outdoors when visiting the home.

Types of Boat Docks

There are many types of boat docks available to waterfront property owners. Listed below, however, are the three most common ones.

Permanent docks. A permanent dock is the most durable dock as well as the longest-lasting. This style of the boat dock is often preferable to property owners as they can be custom-built to his or her liking.

Pipe docks. A pipe dock can come in a variety of series that will accommodate different sized boats. A pipe dock is light and very manageable, as well as easy to install.

Floating docks. A floating dock is considered to be one of the safest and most user-friendly of all of the boat docks available. They also require the least amount of maintenance and repair.

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There are multiple advantages that come with owning your private boat dock. For more information about the various types of docks available, or to find out what dock is best for your property needs, click here today.