The elderly and their family members too often confuse assisted living facilities with the outdated and undesirable nursing homes of the past. The drab and sad medical facilities that once housed seniors have little in common with the vibrant homes now available. People that cannot manage on their own due to age or illness are warmly welcome at these beautiful locations.

Emphasis on Life

Senior living facilities in Long Island enable residents to have an active social life once again. The activities planned in the best facilities are events that people want to attend. Free time means socializing, music, art, and much more. The staff at these types of homes understand that social interaction and fun are some of the best treatment methods possible.

Attention to Quality

Bland hospital food and boring interiors are now the exceptions rather than the standard. Senior residences now offer professionally prepared, healthy, and delicious meals for their residents. The homes have a high-end and residential interior design rather than appearing like a medical facility. The spaces are bright, elegant, and comfortable to help everyone feel welcome.

Respect for Privacy

Senior living facilities in Long Island do not treat the elderly like they have no rights. Privacy is just one of the ways the staff members show their respect to the residents. Private apartments enable people to have visitors, enjoy their hobbies, and live and relax without feeling controlled. Amenities offered at the facility make it easy for people to have their freedom in a safe environment. Safety features include things like handrails in bathrooms and emergency call buttons. Laundry and housekeeping services make it possible for the residents to use their time for fun and relaxation.

People are understandably nervous about the transition from a private home to a senior facility. After a little research, it becomes apparent how enjoyable the change will be. Many seniors discover their life improves because they have the chance to meet new people and can live life without the fear of a fall or other health emergency while they are alone. Visit the website to see how impressive the options are today and to schedule an appointment for more information.