Medication is one of the many things that we find ourselves unable to live without, and the most common type of medicine out there is dispensed by pharmaceutical companies. However, some individuals have decided to seek out alternative forms of medication to treat their illnesses – one form that has emerged on the scene is natural medicine.

The natural medicine sector of the global wellness industry alone drew in $199b in the year 2015, according to the Global Wellness Institute, and its popularity just keeps on growing. This is partly attributed to the sudden surge in favor for natural medicine books: accessible and on-the-go help guides for an individual to achieve a deeper understanding of the practice. Why natural medicine, over all others? Here are a few reasons to explain its appeal.

1. Natural medicine focuses more on prevention of illnesses rather than alleviation of symptoms, unlike modern medicine. The naturopathic practice aims to prevent afflictions as a whole through stress reduction and changes to an individual’s diet and lifestyle. It boosts the immune system and centers on promoting the body’s natural ability to heal.

2. Contrary to common belief, natural health professionals are just as reliable as modern doctors. They have to undergo testing in order to gain their license, board certification or registration.

3. Another inherent aspect of natural medicine is the concept of treating the entire person. Not only does it boost one’s inherent self-healing process, the naturopathic practice also encourages personal spiritual development. It operates on the belief that mental and emotional health is critical to achieving good physical health.

Natural medicine is starting to establish itself as an equally effective – if not better – option as modern medicine for combating illnesses. Next time you head to a bookstore, or even shop online for e-books, why not check out a few natural medicine books?