Three Ways to Rack up Amazon Reviews

by | May 22, 2018 | Marketing

Reviews can make or break a product or a business. Bad customer service and poor quality merchandise are just two of the reasons why bad reviews happen. But when you’re doing everything right, why aren’t you getting more good reviews? Studies quoted by Forbes show that reviews are more like to come from dissatisfied customers and that many self-motivated reviews are written to vent frustrations. So how can you motivate your customers to leave reviews for their positive experiences?

Design an Insert to Prompt Reviews

Creating a customized marketing insert is one way to prompt your customers to leave a review. You can get Amazon reviews by encouraging your customers to leave a quick rating and note about why they enjoyed your product. Plus, including an insert thanking your customer for their purchase shows that you care about their opinions and satisfaction.

Try Amazon Vine

As a vendor, you can opt to participate in Amazon Vine, which is Amazon’s review program. You provide samples of your products to Amazon, and in turn, they provide the products free of charge to reviewers. These “Vine Voices” offer an unbiased review of your product. Joining this program is a way to guarantee that you’ll get Amazon reviews for each product you donate.

Productive Follow-Up

Consider using an automated follow-up service that follows Amazon’s terms of service. Review Formula explains how just successful this method can be, as the algorithm used by a follow-up service only results in positive reviews. Your customers will be prompted to register their purchase via text or email, followed by request to enter a star rating. The only way the customer will then be prompted to leave an Amazon review is if they rate your product 4 or 5 stars.

Give the above methods a try, and benefit from greater sales and higher rankings as your well-earned positive reviews start rolling in.

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