If you are operating a tow truck, the last thing that you want to do is to install lightweight tires on your truck. This can be very dangerous for a variety of reasons. Buying heavy-duty tires from truck tire sales in New Jersey is a much better idea.

Carrying Capacity

Lightweight truck tires are going to have a very low threshold for carrying capacity if any at all. Some tires simply weren’t designed to carry weight beyond the vehicle on which they are installed. You need heavy-duty tires to be able to carry the extravehicular weight that naturally comes with towing.

Extra Power

The better the tire, the higher the increase in horsepower that the truck will enjoy. This increase in power will give you more towing opportunities, especially if you purchase your tires from Parkway Towing New Jersey


When you are towing other vehicles, you will find yourself in landscapes that may be of compromised quality. The heavy-duty tires that you purchase from truck tire sales in New Jersey will ensure that they are not damaged if you have to drive into a ditch or other rough terrain to retrieve a vehicle.

Better Traction

Many accidents that require towing occur in rainy weather. If your tires from Parkway Towing New Jersey have wider and deeper treads, they will have better traction in inclement weather. This makes the towing process safer for everyone.

If you are interested in heavy-duty truck tires, contact B&L Recovery & Towing at their website.