GE ultrasound machines come in a variety of models to suit practitioners’ needs. Some are general-purpose, while others are highly specialized. Here is a breakdown of four styles.


LOGIQ GE ultrasound machines are multipurpose. These models are everyday workhorses because of the wide variety of conditions technicians can use them on. Healthcare providers use LOGIQs for cardiac intervention, women’s health, and general radiology. Some of the variations include voice-control, and they can be placed into diagnostic stations.


If a clinic needs portable ultrasound technology, the Vscan might be the solution. These handheld devices link to tablets or other cellular devices. The compact size means it goes where the patient is. Because the patient does not have to get to the ultrasound machine, it is a powerful time-saving tool.

Voluson Series

The Voluson ultrasound machines focus on women’s health. GE geared these to assist OB-GYNs with reproductive issues, and the machines have advanced fetal diagnostic options. One device utilizes unique probes to detect fetal heart conditions. The series offers various automated features to help streamline workflow, and they are available in budget-friendly price ranges.


This machine is for cardiovascular events. It swiftly retrieves high-quality internal images. They are available in workstations and portable models. The 4D Vivid can capture the entire heart as well as ventricular action. There are also 2D variations. Through image enhancement and technology, clinics can get real-time catheter information and see the heart’s structure. For more details on all GE ultrasound machines, contact Ultra Select Medical at